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Words can't describe the fun I had this past weekend at This Is Hardcore Fest. I got so caught up meeting new people and talking shop with old friends that I missed a lot of the bands I went to see!

Anyhow, the response was truly overwhelming. I spent essentially the entire weekend at the booth thanks to the non-stop support from you guys. Most people came back for 3 and 4 different rounds of purchases!

I handed out a bunch of flyers with the website and a coupon code that is good for one week from today (Monday, August 7th). I went through and updated all of the stock so everything that is listed is available now.

I will be working this week on uploading all of the new items I picked up at TIHC and will hopefully have the store back up to full inventory again over the next month.

Make sure to follow the Instagram and Like the Facebook as that is where I always post news and other fun stuff as to when I'm adding things to the store or the new releases I am working on.

Thank you again for all of the support ... ESPECIALLY with the Preserving Silence releases that exceeded all expectations.

Feels good to say that heavy hardcore is back at the forefront of things!

Posted on July 29th, 2017