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UPDATE: April 7th, 2022

Hey. It's been a minute. Life got wild but it's back on track. The YouTube channel is being built from the ground up again. The store just got a massive overhaul of over 1000 CDs. Here's a picture of SOME of the stuff that got added.

A lot of the more obscure stuff we also sell on our Discogs page which you can check HERE. Currently around 16,000 items posted there. Just browse the Hardcore genre if you're interested. A lot of vinyl on there which is not available here. Ultimately the store ( has at least double of the hardcore and metal releases that we have listed here ... and all of the shirts which fly off the shelves so fast we don't even bother posting them here any longer.

Stay tuned ... lots of new stuff happening over here these days! Browse the store ... almost all of these are re-stocks so something you may have been looking for that's been out of stock for a while is probably ready for purchase now.


Posted on April 7th, 2022