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UPDATE - January 9th, 2019

Had a great trip down to FYA Fest and back. Hit a lot of record stores and picked up a lot of stuff from the great new bands that FYA showcases. Plenty of beatdown re-stocks as well as some obscure metalcore additions.

Got cleared out pretty well but going on two massive trips within the next month so expect a lot of new stock to come.

Posted on January 9th, 2019
UPDATE - January 1st, 2019

Straight up forgot I had a "news" section of this site.

I'm going to start posting updates here every time I do a large inventory upload.

I'm actually adding items to the webstore on an almost daily basis but at this point it's typically just me re-stocking titles that are already listed on the store that were sold out so you probably don't notice.

So yeah, when I buy out a large collection or add some newer titles (getting harder to pull off considering there are over 2000 items now) I will post about it here.

Today's update: did a label trade with Mark My Words Records out of the UK. I especially suggest GRASP and the God's Heritage discography (Hiro from Loyal To The Grave/NERDS Records/Retribute Records/Tokyo Hardcore). Check out those respective pages and seriously consider grabbing a copy if you want your hands on some of the best international metalcore in existence because I only got a small number of each. International shipping is ROUGH and only getting more expensive too in a few days with USPS rates going up (as they do almost every year).

Trading with international labels is what I enjoy doing the most. Obviously ordering a single CD internationally isn't very feasible (typically costs $10-$15 in shipping costs alone) so this is a prime example of a distro serving a logistical purpose and helping to make picking up international bands' items more realistic.

Also, any orders placed between Thursday, January 3rd and Tuesday, January 8th will be shipped out on Wednesday, January 9th because we are packing up shop and heading down to FYA Fest in Tampa, FL. Hitting a LOT of record stores and going to be picking up a LOT of releases from the other bands while I'm down there so be prepared for a big inventory update sometime later next week. I brought home 60 copies of Three Knee Deep's EP last year ... hopefully will get my hands on something else equally awesome this time.

Posted on January 1st, 2019

Words can't describe the fun I had this past weekend at This Is Hardcore Fest. I got so caught up meeting new people and talking shop with old friends that I missed a lot of the bands I went to see!

Anyhow, the response was truly overwhelming. I spent essentially the entire weekend at the booth thanks to the non-stop support from you guys. Most people came back for 3 and 4 different rounds of purchases!

I handed out a bunch of flyers with the website and a coupon code that is good for one week from today (Monday, August 7th). I went through and updated all of the stock so everything that is listed is available now.

I will be working this week on uploading all of the new items I picked up at TIHC and will hopefully have the store back up to full inventory again over the next month.

Make sure to follow the Instagram and Like the Facebook as that is where I always post news and other fun stuff as to when I'm adding things to the store or the new releases I am working on.

Thank you again for all of the support ... ESPECIALLY with the Preserving Silence releases that exceeded all expectations.

Feels good to say that heavy hardcore is back at the forefront of things!

Posted on July 29th, 2017

Hey all, we are back in business and gearing up for This Is Hardcore Fest in just one week and I have BIG NEWS for the store....

I spent a LOT of time figuring out a new shipping method for the store and I BELIEVE all of the kinks are now worked out.

I know sometimes the shipping prices would come out to be high due to the nature of how the "Simple Shipping" program worked through the store where you were charged per item. This was hard to calculate because of the nature of how many different types of products we sell (yeah, we have cassettes).

Now, however, everything is based off of weight so it doesn't matter if you buy a shirt and a record ... or 20 CDs and a poster ... or any combination you can think of.

If there was ever a time you added a bunch of items to your cart and the shipping price steered you away ... go back and give it another shot! I bet you'll like the results!

You can now also pick between Media Mail (in the US), First Class and Priority Mail so all of you anxious motherfuckers can get your shit in whatever time frame you see fit!

I package and mail all orders within 48 hours, for the record.

Posted on July 20th, 2017