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HUMAN DEMISE - Whitechapel Demise

I have to give Human Demise credit, as the Dutch act and their label, Envy Records, are the first parties in at least six or seven years that I've seen flat out use the term "holy terror" to promote this brand of hardcore. The band has been around for just about two years now, and the "Whitechapel Demise" EP will hopefully introduce them to the rest of the world who likely missed out on their demo. In terms of Cleveland influences these cast are most directly tied to Ringworm, both musically and in terms of vocal texture, and drop nothing but short tracks of fewer than three minutes apiece with maniacal vocals and thick power chords โ€“ tossing in a 90's European metalcore lean as well by adding in extra dashes of actual metal to the hardcore backbone. I was all over this within seconds. You had me at "holy terror", guys!